StudioCompiler: The swiss army knife of HL2 content tools

StudioCompiler has the following features

2/2/2011 - Version 0.4 Released !

  1. Removed steam integration. Now runs anywhere !

  2. Removed tool integration, now calls sdk tools instead.

  3. Probably broke lots of decompiler features but basic operations still work and it is updated for latest SDK models.

  4. Added automatic image conversion using freeimage. It also supports replacing the alpha channel with a specular or glow image.




This version can run anywhere and is updated for the latest orangebox models (Version 49 models cause it to crash).
Version 0.4a
Downloaded 46638 times


This is the old version which must be in your sourcesdk/bin directory. If you don't have one because you don't have the sourcesdk, then you can't run this tool (Sorry). If you get a missing DLL error then it is not installed correctly.  


Version 0.3a
Downloaded 7665 times

(any requests, bug reports, etc)